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Both for personal and enterprise use. All-in-one marketplace, logistics exchange, human resources, social network and more.

Social Business Network

We are starting a new are in Social Internet! details


Meet a new marketplace concept which world needs. It’s more social and dynamic. Reach customers, products, suppliers, tenders and offers in minutes. details

Jobs & Resumes

Our social, fast and effective job&employee seeking platform takes its power from builtin social network, following & notification system. Genuine Identities, knowledge rating, fast spreading open vacancies and more innovations. details

Logistics Exchange

We are optimizing World’s logistics. Efficient energy use, minimum costs. You can do your logistics operations in minutes with instant notifications and offer system. Loads, backloads, free vehicles and more. details

Lonak Platforms

Most efficient way for people who want to make income from Internet. Become a Lonak partner by opening your free Lonak Platforms account, create your social and business network, make income in a short time. details