About Lonak

Lonak is not only a professional network but also a Marketplace, Jobs Portal, Logistics Exchange, Knowledge Resource and More. Lonak virtualizes the whole social and business life together!

You can only use Lonak for personal purposes or you can find & connect to your company to use enterprise modules on behalf of your company. Everyone has reasons to use Lonak!

- Sell & buy, find employees & jobs, optimize your logistics operations, decrease your costs, discover all markets, improve & build your business.

- Two step manual verification for people and companies! Don't lose time with fake accounts and requests anymore! Socialize or develop your business in safety!

- Free partnership (Lonak Platform) model for individuals to earn money at Lonak.

- Everything is more social and faster! There are instant notifications on mobile and web for all requests & answers.

- Let your audiences to get instant news and request notifications from your company page! New Products, Campaigns, Jobs, Logistics Requests, Buying Leads, Selling Leads, Polls, Events and more! Post & Get in seconds!

- Develop a worldwide business in a couple of hours.